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Note: Italian package doesn’t exist in trial accounts. But it is included in premium packages

Reseller Packages


0% Extra

150 Charge



30% Extra

390 Charge



40% Extra

700 Charge



50% Extra

1500 Charge



60% Extra

3200 Charge



When you become our reseller, you will buy charges to load your reseller panel.
The minimum amount is €150. REMEMBER: 1€ = 1 Charge

You can create 35 free trials per a day! You can add/remove folders and countries for each line. You can ban and unban customers. All formats are available (m3u plus, Enigma 2 script, Magbox etc.)

The reseller account is not time-based. This means that if you buy a reseller account, it will not expire at all!* The only important thing is your charges. charges allow you to create accounts for users. For example, creating 1-month account costs you 5 charges. You can sell our service as long as you have charges left. If you run out of charges, you can add charges by ordering again.

Weekly account 1 connection costs 2 charges
Weekly account 2 connections costs 3 charges
Weekly account 3 connections costs 5 charges

1-Month account 1 connection costs 5 charges
1-Month account 2 connections costs 9 charges
1-Month account 3 connections costs 13 charges

3-Months account 1 connection costs 12 charges
3-Months account 2 connections costs 21 charges
3-Months account 3 connections costs 32 charges

6-Months account 1 connection costs 22 charges
6-Months account 2 connections costs 39 charges
6-Months account 3 connections costs 59 charges

12-Months account 1 connection costs 40 charges
12-Months account 2 connections costs 72 charges
12-Months account 3 connections costs 108 charges

Yes, they can. Resellers can fill the RESELLER DNS form when they are purchasing their first purchase or they can ask our support staff. to change their panel to their desired DNS and we will set it on your panel. Resellers should consider that, they should set up their DNS themselves and FOVIPTV Team will not be responsible for creating and managing DNS stuff.

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